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From our farm to your family...

Locally raised quality beef

Products and Services

Firefly Meadow Farms takes pride in raising high quality beef cattle. Our cattle are naturally raised on our farm in small herds to ensure they are raised to the highest standards.  They are fed a quality diet of pasture grasses and hay to develop a tasty and beautifully marbled meat.  In addition our cattle are completely hormone and antibiotic free. 

Our farm also plants over 100 acres of corn, soybeans and hay each year. As well as our freezer beef, we sell an excellent mix of orchard grass and alfalfa hay, perfect for your horses.  Hay is offered in both regular square bales and four by five foot round bales.  Please contact us for current availability of hay.

About Us

Firefly Meadow Farms is a small family owned operation located just outside of Chelsea, Michigan.  Each year we farm over 100 acres of corn, soybeans and hay, as well as raising around 10 head of cattle. 

Latest News 
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