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Freezer Beef

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How we raise our cattle

The beef you purchase from FireFly Meadow Farms is locally raised in small groups on our family farm in Chelsea, Michigan.  Our cattle are pastured on land behind our house and are humanely tended to directly by us every day. Our cattle are a big part of our family operation and we enjoy taking the best care of them all.

How we fed our cattle

Our freezer beef is more lean and flavorful than the beef you will purchase at grocery stores because we take care to fed them a quality diet. They are fed a diet of pasture grass, haylage, are antibiotic and hormone free. 

How to order 

If you are interested in purchasing bulk freezer beef from us, please send us a message.

  1. We will then send you an order form to fill out and email back to us. We do require a $100.00 deposit to hold your order that will be applied to your final invoice.  Orders will not be held without the deposit.  

  2. We will notify you when the beef has been sent to the processer and send you information to contact them. We will send you a final invoice for the side of beef per the hanging weight from the processor.

  3. You will be asked to give the processer a cut sheet. This is a detailed list of how you want your side of beef to be cut for your needs. This includes how thick you want your steaks cut and if you want your ground beef to be made into beef patties.

  4. You will be called when your beef is ready to be picked up from the processor.  All processing fees will be due to the processer at the time of pickup.

  5. Enjoy your beef!

Current Price List

Customers can purchase quarter, half or whole sides of freezer beef. 

Quarter Side is approximately 200 pounds

Half Side is approximately 400 pounds

Whole Side is approximately 800 pounds 

$3.00 Per Pound

+ Processing


Customers may also purchase our freezer beef by the cut. We offer ground beef, premium steak and roast all sold by the pound.  Get our current price list below.


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