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Products & Services

Firefly Meadow Farms produces high quality freezer beef as well as and excellent hay crop every year. 
Freezer Beef

Our regular freezer beef is normally of a Holstein breed. Much more flavorful than what you will purchase at the grocery store, our cattle are feed a quality grass diet, are antibiotic free and raise on our farm pasture.  


Beefalo is a cross breed of cattle between a Buffalo and domestic cattle.  Beefalo is lower in fat, higher in nutrition than regular beef and has a lean, juicy, full-bodied taste.  As with our other cattle they are also grass feed, antibiotic free and raised on our farm pasture.

Hay Crop

We bale over 100 acres of hay crop each year.  We take pride in making hay that is dry, nutritious and that animas love to eat.

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