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About Us

Firefly Meadow Farms is a small family farm located just outside of Chelsea, Michigan.  Farming around 100 acers a year we take great pride in raising excellent quality freezer beef and hay.
Our Farm

Founded in 2008 by Jim Payeur, Firefly Meadow Farms started out as small hay farming operation. Over the proceeding years operations expanded to harvesting corn and soybeans as well as raising cattle. Today we farm over 100 acers of hay, corn and soybeans.  We raise approximately 10 head of cattle a year for freezer beef. 


Firefly Meadow Farms believes that the heart of America is small family farms. Our strategy is to raise the best crops and cattle possible all while using responsible farming techniques. 

Our Family

Our farm would not possible without the assistance of our family. From the family matriarch to the smallest grand-child everyone plays an important role on our farm.  Come spring everyone will be out helping bale hay or lending a helping hand wherever needed!

Environment & Sustainability

Firefly Meadow Farms believes very strongly in being good stewards of our environment.  We endeavor to use farming techniques that are not harmful to our environment and work hard to sustain our world for the next generation.

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