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What is freezer beef?



Every week you go to the grocery store with your shopping list for vegetables, fresh fruit, eggs or perhaps you need ground beef or even steaks for dinner one night. Come summertime, many people are on the lookout for local farm markets to purchase fresh produce instead of the grocery store, but have you ever considered purchasing meat directly from your local farmer as well? Here are some reasons to consider this option.


In my opinion this is one of the best reasons to purchase your beef local. You will know exactly where your beef comes from and more importantly what it has been fed. Your local farmer takes great pride in raising quality beef for their customers and are happy to answer questions about their practices. This knowledge will ensure that you buying and consuming foods that are free from added hormones, antibiotics and/or chemicals.


In addition to knowing that your beef was raised in the healthiest manner possible, grass feed/local raised beef has been proven to be a healthier meat. It has fewer calories, contains more of the healthier omega-3 fatty acids and supports healthy blood sugar levels. You will also find it to be more flavorful and tender meat than what you purchase at grocery stores.


We are loosing family farms across America at an alarming rate. Purchasing from your local farmer helps keep them in business. Shopping local also keeps keeps more of your money in your local economy than by purchasing at big box stores.


While the initial purchase of the beef may be a large expense, over all you will be saving money. If you purchase bulk freezer beef you will get premium cut steaks, roasts and ground beef all at the same per pound rate, that is significantly below the retail cost of grocery stores. In addition having a stocked freezer full of meat will mean less trips to the grocery store, saving you gas money.



1. Bulk Freezer Beef

Have a chest freezer? Bulk freezer beef is sold as quarter, half or whole sides and is an excellent way to stock your freezer. While this option will include a larger upfront purchase it will save you significant money over time. A typical whole will yield around 800 pounds of beef, a half 400 pounds and a quarter 200 pounds. Our freezer beef is calculated on the hanging weight as given to us from the processor. You are able to select your cuts of beef at the time of processing giving you large variety of meat. Processing fees are not included and will be paid directly to the processor at the time you pick up your order. Contact us now to find out our current availability!

2. Cuts By the Pound

If you do not have a chest freezer or that is not the best option for you, we also offer cuts by the pound. We offer ground beef, burger patties, premium steaks and roasts that you can purchase individually by the pound. While not as large of a cost savings as purchasing bulk freezer beef, we do offer local delivery (within 25 miles of Chelsea, MI) for $25.00 delivery fee or free local delivery with all orders over $200.00. Check our website or contact us for our current pricing and availability!

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